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Data Entry Instructions

Use these links to access guides to enter data on-line.

Webex Webinar

  • A fast and furious walk through of how to use the software.

Training Presentation

  • A work at your own pace presentation on how to use the software.

Logging In and Navigation Overview

  • Web address:   

  • User name/password:  Provided via email

  • Top of Screen: Ignore except for “Home”, “Print”

  • Left column: Ignore

  • Center Screen Boxes:

    • [Company Name] T&D Questionnaire and/or

    • [Company Name] CS Questionnaire

    • Glossary

    • Data Entry Instruction Videos

    • Incomplete Questions – Pick a Company

    • Open Questions by Assignee

    • Upload Current Responses by Category

Getting Started

  • Viewing this year’s questionnaire and Glossary

    • [Company Name] T&D Questionnaire and/or

    • [Company Name] CS Questionnaire

    • Glossary

  • Searching

  • Filtering

  • What to do first: see Assigning Data Collectors


  • Grid View

  • Question Form

  • Saving your own view

Assigning Data Collectors

  • Previous data collector information

  • Updating/entering data collector information

  • Once assignments are made you can distribute the questionnaire via Excel or Data Collectors can log in and search for their questions

Distributing Questionnaires - Blank

  • Distributing a blank questionnaire

Distributing the Glossary

  • Accessing the glossary

  • Distributing a glossary via PDF

Entering New Data

  • Accessing and finding questions for on-line data entry

  • Entering new data

  • Editing previous years or existing data

    • ​Note here – if they are not the assigned data collector, they should verify their edit as we cannot retrieve lost data

  • Note: please report data entry issues (ASAP)

Uploading Data from Excel

  • Uploading Current Responses by Category

Data Stewarding

  • Incomplete Questions – Pick a Category

  • Open Questions by Assignee

  • Reports to Excel

Assign Data Collectors
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