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Overview & Benefits

As a member of our Benchmarking community, you will be invited to our annual planning conference, where the community works to shape the focus of the current year's program. Our community has input into the questions that are asked. Participants also receive a performance and demographics report that allows you to compare their performance within the community easily. All of this is done with the full support of the 1QC team, where we provide kick-off meetings, help and guidance with data collection, and a rigorous data validation process to ensure like for like data submissions.

Electric Transmission and Distribution

An annual benchmarking program that provides comparisons across the key elements of Transmission Lines, Distribution Lines and Substations.


  • O&M expenditures and capital investments, reliability and safety

  • Service Levels: Understanding and measuring work volumes and drivers of work

  • Enabling Practices: Initiatives, Staffing, and Supporting functions

​Customer Service

An annual benchmarking program evaluating the performance in traditional areas of Customer Service (Metering, Billing, Customer Contact Channels, Payment Handling, Field Service and Credit and Collections) Performance:

  • O&M expenditures- functional and unit cost, digital experience;

  • Service Levels: Customer Contact, Self Service, Billing Accuracy, Arrears Management

  • Enabling Practices: Initiatives, Staffing, Technology and Supporting functions

Personalized Copy of our Annual Report

Financial Report
  • Cost comparisons and relative position of YOUR company

  • Cost Comparisons

    • Normalized

    • Unit

  • Service Level Performance

  • Technology utilization and trends

  • Insights into practices used by companies

Complimentary Attendance at our Annual Insights Conference

meeting badge
  • Send as few as a single representative or 10

  • Network with other like individuals from our member companies

  • 3 days of insights and learnings about the performance, changes, and trends in our industry

  • Hear from featured presenters on topics the community has selected

Custom Prepared On-site Meeting

  • We come to you, at your location of choice and deliver a message tailored to your needs

  • The team at 1QC will work with you to develop material specific to your KPIs, initiatives, and desired learnings

  • We will cull from the over 900 pages of our annual report to create a 2-to-8-hour presentation specifically for your company

  • Included is historical trending to understand the rate of improvement

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