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 Providing industry-leading utility benchmarking, insight, and consulting services

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First Quartile Consulting is a utility-focused consulting
firm based in North America. 

We offer a combination of consulting and benchmarking services to help our clients achieve measurable performance improvements.

Our Core Services

Our benchmarking program is a tool for assessing, comparing and sharing performance among a community of top performing organizations in order to achieve continuous improvement.

Using our benchmarking and operational processes expertise, we will partner with you to better measure and understand business performance and support implementation of improvements.

What sets us apart?

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Our services are built around responsiveness to our client’s needs and interests while leveraging our large benchmarking community of companies, applying proven functional consulting experience, industry best practices, and leadership in performance improvement. We serve the areas of Customer Service, Transmission and Distribution, and Regulatory Support.

We partner with over 50 Utilities Companies

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